Bibliotec uses storytelling and interactive digital multimedia to help people easily engage with complex information.

In a world of information overwhelm, shrinking attention spans and viral misinformation, it is not enough for information to be important.

To make an impact, information needs to be delivered in an entertaining and engaging way.

We're on a mission to help your messages capture hearts and minds using storytelling, clever design, data visualisation, and mindful interaction.

We work with science and research communicators, journalists, educators and purpose-aligned companies to build towards a more equitable and sustainable world.

We know that the first step towards better action is access to better information.

Problem is, as with leafy greens, audiences struggle to engage with raw, nutrient-dense information.

It is our mission to help solve this, using a process to present your information in an easy-to-digest way:

We begin with content and planning: Working with your communication aims to distil your message and give it context and structure.

From there, wecreate visuals and multimedia around your message to deepen connection and understanding.

To result in a sumptuous meal of a story, using digital formats and interaction to foster engagement and understanding.

We use different tools to get there

Data visualisation, infographics, explainer videos, digital interaction- these are all tools that can serve a greater narrative, rather than being the end themselves.

Data visualisation alone is not always enough to create connection, while storytelling without interaction can be too passive. By using a mix of formats suited to your story and audience, we create more engaging work to spread your message further.

Guiding principles behind our work:

We actively engage.

Every message is different. So are we.

We are design-led.

More than the sum of our parts.

We are motivated by a drive towards a sustainable future.

Our work focuses on creating active viewer engagement in order to lend greater impact and understanding to messages.

We specialise in using novelty and authenticity to lend impact to a message. Serious does not mean boring.

Our work is led by thought, process, and strategy to ensure a message is presented in the best possible way.

We are a small team with different expert skillsets who thrive on collaboration. This means we are able to evolve an idea from all angles.

We strongly believe that better communication has a huge role to play in informing the attitudes and beliefs needed to secure a better future for all.

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